Scoliosis Awareness!

Scoliosis Awareness!


Scoliosis is a lateral spinal curve of 11 degrees or greater.  It is present in 2 to 3 percent of adolescents, ages 10-14, at the end of their growth period.  Progressive curves occur three times more frequently in girls than boys and tend to run in families.  

Scoliosis, if left untreated, can have adverse effects including the progressive development of poor range of motion, back pain, distortion of the position of the ribs, impaired function of the heart and lungs, unpleasant cosmetic deformities, and social and psychological problems.  Early detection can prevent scoliosis from progressing and can identify those in need of treatment.  

Please read the attached information outlining the signs and symptoms of scoliosis.  Should you suspect a problem with your child, please contact his/her physician for a personal evaluation.  If scoliosis is detected, please notify your child’s school so that the nurse can include this information in his/her cumulative health record.  


Tonya Tucker, RN
School Nurse


Scoliosis Pamphlet PDF

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