What does the PTO do? 

What does the PTO do? The Tussing PTO raises funds through events, activities, and fundraisers to support and improve Tussing Elementary.

Look at what we have done!

  • Toby the Tiger Costume

  • New Tussing and American Flag

  • A new TV for the Teachers Lounge

  • Tussing tablecloths and tent for use during events and presentations

  • Sponsored a Colonial Heights Rec Baseball Team

  • Provided Field Day shirts and treats for students, teachers, and support staff

  • Provided treat days, dinners, and breakfasts for Teachers and Staff throughout the year

  • Purchased a steam cleaner to eliminate the cost of rug cleaning

  • Provided beverages for PTO performances.

  • Provided DARE shirts for all 5th grade students and Teachers as well as provided lunch and decorations for the DARE graduation.

  • Provide gifts for retiring teachers and staff

  • Provided bereavement gifts for Teachers, students, and staff

  • Provided gifts for Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year.

These are only a portion of the things that the Tussing PTO has provided to benefit Tussing Elementary and it''s students and staff.

Thank you for continually supporting the Tussing PTO!